The Third Ring

Aaaaand so everyone around us probably knew how it went with my story last January. Jeremy had to fly back to France without a flight back here in Manila. Rivers of tears on that few weeks that he was still here. I have fought hard to make him stay, but in the end, I knew I had to let him go.

So yeah, we were trying to make good memories before he left..

January 28, we were supposed to do island hopping in Quezon. Weather did not cooperate as it rained the whole night and the next day, so we went to LPB (Save the Laguna Pitbulls center, an organization under CARA) and decided that we will try to go island hopping on the next day instead.

We went to LPB; walked dogs, stayed and cuddled with them in the dog run where they can go off leash. Jeremy took a dog that hasn't been taken out before (in years) – Collins. He was not aggressive at all, but he jumps out of excitement to be getting out of the cage finally. I was, of course, scared of coming in the dog run with Jeremy, but he insisted that I come in. So I went inside and just stood at the side.

He said that Collins is pretty nice, and so I went near them. Jeremy started saying something like, "I know it's not creative..." and right then, I knew what he was up to.

I was crying after that sentence but I recalled he said something like, "this place, this activity is one of the first things that we loved doing. You have turned into dog person as I have turned into a cat person. And I want to do it here, because this place is very special to us...”

I said yes after the kneeling and the popping of the box and the question.


I am sorry to be telling you this just now.

So, yeah, I'm engaged!

Truth be told – I haven’t thought of how it feels like being engaged, the feeling of stressing over wedding preps and all – NEVER did we talk about it. He knew from the start I am not the marrying kind, the family building kind. That and the fact that we both had different ‘religious views’. But I guess situations directs people to a path they never know they will cross.  This is all new to us and we did not know it’d feel this great.

Now, I hope you guys can help me look for a cheap off-white dress that I will wear when plans push through and I will fly to France to get married, and be merry. Or if anyone wants to sponsor it, THANK YOU :-P  hahaha 

Cheers! Love and light  <3



Welcoming 2017

Yearender Bebe*


Well, relationships are always made of ups and downs. Although we had more ups than the downs, I wanted to let everyone know that no matter how low we go, I am sticking by my man's side.

Why? For so many reasons. We can discuss everything that comes to mind right now - but it all speaks of one thing - I HAVE NEVER BEEN LOVED THIS MUCH. I don't know why, but he does. :)

I mean, come on, y'all know I was not looking during the time he has found me. I never knew how it was to maintain a relationship per se - but he built it up from the ground and fought hard to have me, to keep me. I don't know why, but he did. :)

He believed in me, understood my quirks, my 'rocking moodswings' (an understatement, btw).. everything. He has seen it all, and he stayed anyway. I don't know why, but he did. :)

He always rooted for me, believed my passion and how I wanted to live life - and he loved how soft of a person I am (well, that's what he said). But knowing there are A LOT of other chicks waaaay nicer (and, uhm, hotter than me hahaha) - he still chooses me, all day, every day.  I don't know why, but he still do. :)

The past three years of my life had never been this great. 


"I never knew how it felt being really loved, until I felt it from you."

We are now nearing our fourth year (yay! can you imagine??!) - and I still feel the same as the first time I saw him in that day.

Now, my yearender message to you is this: We will start 2017 with a not so great news, but like what I always say - I'm sticking around and this thing is just a wind, it will just passes us by. We will get through this (like always), we will get back and we will be happier than before.

Cheers to 2016 - and may our 2017 be better! 
I love you.  Always have, always will be.



I had been using them for ages, all compiled in one box. Everything I attended or went to - I write it.
I had to. I tend to forget.

For the past two years I haven't had a journal to read by the end of the year for my "recap".

Now I cannot write here how my year was.. Saaaaad :-(

Aaaanyways, let's hope for a better year next year! <3


Single VS. Married life: don’t me

“Yes, we are single; and yes, we splurge based on our life’s choices – out of town trips, clothing, etc.; but hey, we spend on YOUR life’s choices, too (wedding, baby shower, christening, etc.) and yet we do not mock you with it. So do not judge us that we do and buy what we want just because we do not have a kid to spend our money with; and look at us like we live a shallow life. We chose to live this life, like you chose to live yours. We may not have the same ideals because of this, but being single is never less than being married and having kids.”  #dropsmic

With that being said, here is a photo of me celebrating the single life. With my cats. ^_^